Alex Olsen

Alex Olsen

ROUND 3 – Silverstone upset

The Global Robots BMW team were back in race action with round three of the Bennetts British Superbike Championship taking place at Silverstone, unfortunately without Alex participating due to being struck by another rider during the Qualifying session on Saturday.

28 year old Alex Olsen crashed during Saturday’s Datatag Qualifying session after oil had been deposited on the track from another rider’s machine and with six riders in total crashing, Alex remained conscious throughout as he was attended to immediately by the BSB medical staff before being taken by helicopter to Coventry hospital where he is now receiving treatment for his injuries.   The Kent rider had been enjoying an upturn in fortunes with some strong lap times in free practice and showing some great potential for a strong weekend.

Darren Smith, Team Co-ordinator: “2020 is proving to be an unbelievably tough year and first and foremost our thoughts are with Alex; we all wish him a speedy recovery and hope to see him back as soon as possible. As for the weekend on the track, even though we tried a lot of new parts on the bike this round compared to the last, as well as countless set-up changes, we’ve still ended up with the same result. We really have tried everything, some of the changes sitting definitely in the ‘out the box’ category, but we haven’t been able to move forward and we’re stuck midfield with the rest of the BMW riders. It’s certainly not where we should be so we’ll keep working hard and do everything we can to resolve matters at the next round.”

Rebecca Pullin, Team Owner: “Alex suffered a number of serious injuries in the crash after being struck by another machine and is understandably pretty beaten up. We don’t expect his recovery to be a quick one but we’ll keep everyone updated when we know more and a big thank you to the BSB medical staff and all Racesafe marshals.”

Tommy Hill: Alex’s Representative: “It has been a real tough few days for Alex who is currently in Coventry Hospital still undergoing checks and X-rays. I really feel for Alex’s family and Girlfriend in this situation too as his there is limited on no access into the ward due to Covid-19. Speaking with Alex yesterday he is in good spirits but has sustained some internal bleeding, that is now under control, broken ribs, and possible lower back and pelvis fracture. As far as we are all aware he is still being monitored and more scans will be done over the next few days. Unfortunately racing can hit you hard sometimes and occasionally some accidents are completely out of your control, of which going down on the oil was in this case out of Alex’s control. Alex also wanted to thank his protective sponsors for keeping him as safe as possible in such as bad accident.

Alex seemed to really make a step forward in free practice, even running top 3 for some time, so he felt both him and the team made a step forward with the bike setup during the weekend, but just gutted he never got a chance to give it a good go in the races.

Alex is overwhelmed with the messages and response he has had since the crash. He also wanted to thank the medical team at the circuit for being so thorough and Coventry Hospital for such a great job, as well as trying their best to source him some Heinz Tomato soup!!. Which is all he feels like eating!. Hopefully we can give you some more updates soon”.